2017 Hiking Guide

ROUND TRIP: 1 Mile ELEVATION GAIN: None HIKING SEASON: SP/SU/F NOTES: Check out the sculptures and bird boxes made by local artists and artisans. DRIVING DIRECTIONS: Take Twisp River Road and look for parking lot on the right just .5 miles from town. PARKING PASS: None 16 TWISP PONDS DISCOVERY WALK [ TWISP, WASHINGTON ] OVERVIEW The story of salmon in the Methow is well represented by this small but impactful park located just a short distance from downtown Twisp. Once abundant native salmon suffered a precipitous decline during the second half of the 20th century and are only now beginning to return to the area in substantial numbers. Their story, and that of the surrounding biome, is well told in the self-issuing trail guide and an educational placards available at the kiosk. Easy (though limited) parking provides access to the trails where visitors of all ages will experience gentle trail walking and abundant opportunities for wildlife viewing. DESCRIPTION Pick-up a trail map at the educational kiosk in the parking lot then wander the half-mile of well- marked trails. Depending upon the season and water levels, salmon and a variety of waterfowl frequent the area as do birds and white-tail deer. On rainy days or in the spring expect to get your shoes wet.