2018 Fishing Guide

4 OkanoganCountry.com 888.431.3080 Not only are there many Trout, Bass and Walleye waters, but rivers that provide some of the best Steelhead, Sockeye and King Salmon fishing in the state. No matter what your fam- ily and friends are looking for, you can find it all right here in Okanogan Country. There are also many motels, resorts, lodges, RV parks ready to serve you. You can learn more about the facilities by visiting www.okanogancountry.com. Some of the most popular “opening day” lakes in the state are located across the county, and there are many year-round lakes that satisfy anglers through all four seasons. When you visit here be sure to have a current copy of the Washington State Fishing Rules pamphlet to make sure you know if there are any special regulations on the water you want to fish. Also, many of our rivers have special seasons that are an- nounced through Emergency Regulations, or e-regs. You can learn about these by visiting the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife’s web site at www.dfw.wa.gov. Another way of keeping on top of the fishing in Okanogan County is to visit www.fishingmagician.com where current fishing reports and other information, such as e-regs, are announced. The following is a description of some of the best fishing op- portunities in Okanogan Country, provided by Dave Graybill, aka the FishingMagician. He does mention some of the spe- cial rules or limits, but reminds anglers to always check the rules pamphlet for current regulations on the lake or river you plan to fish. WELCOME! OKANOGAN COUNTRY OFFERS SOME OF THE BEST FISHING OPPORTUNITIES FOUND ANYWHERE