2018 Fishing Guide

28 OkanoganCountry.com 888.431.3080 COLUMBIA RIVER REGION PATEROS TO THE HIGHWAY 173 BRIDGE AT BREWSTER: Anglers arrive here beginning on July 1st, the annual opening of the summer run salmon season on the Co- lumbia River. From Pateros most anglers run up river to Brewster Pool to do their Salmon fishing. Also, beginning in mid July through August 31st they can fish above Wells Dam for kings. Fishing off the debris barrier and the rip- rap above the dam can be very productive. Most anglers troll with Super Baits packed with tuna fish behind Pro Troll flashers. The busiest season in this specific area of the Columbia is when the Steelhead season opens. Fishing right at the bridge where the Methow enters the Columbia with a bobber and jig can be excellent. The docks on the shoreline at Pateros are often occupied by Steelhead anglers casting their bobbers and jigs, which can be baited with shrimp in this area. Just downstream on the Columbia and within sight of the town of Pateros is the spot known as The Rocks. You can often see boats drifting in this location and casting bobbers and jigs to- ward the shore. It is one of the most productive Steel- head fishing areas on the upper Columbia. Fishing at The Rocks and the point across the river will be busy spots throughout the fall and winter Steelhead sea- son. Some anglers also drive their boats into the estuary above the bridge on the Methow. There are some good spots to cast for Steelhead up here, too. No bait is allowed when fishing on the Methow. Steelhead seasons are an- nounced through Emergency Regulations, so check the department’s web site in early October to see if it is open.