2018 Fishing Guide

12 OkanoganCountry.com 888.431.3080 LEADER LAKE » OKANOGAN Located between Okanogan and Twisp on Highway 20, Leader Lake is one of those lakes that makes everyone happy. There are rainbow of 11 to 14 inches, but it is also known for excellent fishing for Crappie, Bluegill, Large- mouth Bass and Perch. It is a scenic lake and has DNR campgrounds on both sides of the lake that include boat launches. On opening weekend I see lots of boats trolling all over Leader Lake, usually pulling spinners and worms. There is good bank access on both shores, and dough baits, or marshmallows, and worms are popular with shore anglers. Those looking for Spiny Rays will work the shorelines with a variety of gear, but it is hard to beat a worm under a bobber for the Bluegill, Perch and Crappie. HEART OF THE OKANOGAN REGION 155 ACRES APR–JULY