Methow Trails Winter 2017

Methow Trails | 13 Ed Stockard is the mechanic for Methow Trails and he has worked snow and ice jobs around the world. Ed began volunteer, ski patrolling in 1970 at age 17 in the Cascades. After graduating from the University of Washington, he worked ski areas year-round for the next 17 years. In 1993, an off the cuff comment landed him a job in Antarctica as a heavy, equipment mechanic. Ed has spent over five years of his life in Antarctica including two winters. He has over six years of his life doing similar work for the National Science Foundation in Greenland. His favorite polar job: Camp technician for a penguin “diving physiology” project. Ed’s wife, Torre, (also a groomer for Methow Trails), was a scientist on the project. Ed took care of the 15 Emperor penguins. In the early 2000’s he bounced between the Arctic and Antarctic with regularity. He claims to be bi-polar in a more conventional sense! If you ask Ed about his mechanical abilities, he’ll tell you he is a field mechanic with an ability to keep equipment functioning. Ed takes the job seriously and realizes that our equipment needs to be running as close to 100% of the time as possible. These past experiences make Ed uniquely qualified to serve Methow Trails as mechanic. Ed Stockard “Methow Trails has a huge winter impact on our whole community so we need to keep our trails in top con- dition and our skiers happy and enthused.” Get To Know Us! Kristen passionately directs the promotion and marketing of Methow Trails and is the one often greeting you on the trails with a smile and a quick photo. She is also the driving force behind our social media operations. She has over 25 years of experience working in the outdoor industry, which is why you will usually find her hauling way too much gear into the outdoors. Kristen’s passions are mountain biking and skiing. The attitude Kristen brings to the organization is energetic and contagious. Kristen shares us with you. Kristen shares your smile with everyone! Kristen Smith Director Of All Things Fun & Notable