Methow Trails Summer 2018

Methow Trails | 9 Buck Mountain Moderate: Buck Mountain is the Methow Valley’s signature mountain bike ride. Close to Winthrop, this ride showcases everything from wildflowers to open spaces to mountain tops. There are two trailheads where you can begin your ride – either Cub Creek or Buck Lake. Both trailheads allow for a great loop ride. Singletrack: 12–14 miles. Bear Mountain Figure 8 Moderate: Combines two singletrack downhills with climbs up gravel roads. There are also a number of good mountain bike rides right in this area, such as Lightning Creek and Starvation Mountain. 15 miles total: 6.1 miles singletrack, 8.9 miles gravel road. Starvation Mountain Advanced: This is a long, mostly singletrack ride to the top of Starvation Mountain (note the name and bring plenty of food and water). Ride up the singletrack Lightning Creek trail and down the Blue Buck Trail. Singletrack loop: 22.6 miles. Cutthroat Pass Advanced: Cutthroat Pass is 11 miles round-trip, all on a singletrack trail in a stunning alpine setting. The trail between the trailhead and the lake is popular with hikers, so ride in control. The ride is an out-and-back, gaining 2,300 feet. Because this is also a popular hiking trail, this is a good ride to do midweek or late in the day. Singletrack loop: 11 miles. Angel’s Staircase Advanced: This is THE Methow Valley ride for the serious mountain biker. It requires fitness and an adventurous attitude. The loop reaches altitudes of 8,000 feet, so be prepared for varying weather any time of the year. This is an all-singletrack ride that takes technical riding experience. This ride is usually not snow-free until August. Start early and plan for a full day of riding. Distance: 25 miles round-trip. Rendezvous Trails Moderate: 11 miles of fun, aerobic singletrack in the Rendezvous area between Winthrop and Mazama. The loop trail is primarily in the forest, but it also passes the popular Gardner and other Rendezvous Huts, where great mountain views await. Singletrack loop: 11 miles. SALES · SERVICE · RENTALS OPEN DAILY GET 509.996.3645 29 HWY 20 • WINTHROP, WA THE VALLEY’S ONE-STOP SHOP FOR CYCLING, SUP’S, TRAIL INFO, NUTRITION AND MORE. METHOWCYCLESPORT.COM Here Award Winning Coffees from Okanogan County’s Oldest Roaster! | 509.996.3371 | 6 Horizon Flat Rd , Winthrop, WA ARTISTS Confluence Gallery and Art Center Your local non-profit art gallery supporting Okanogan County artists for 30 years. BUY SUPPORT ART ART MATTERS